Make it yours

We offer a variety of options and Accessories, so you can customise your pool to your heartโ€™s desire.


Training = Fit

Want to turn your pool in to an exercising machine?

With the market leading swim jets we can turn your pool into an infinity length


Mineral = Special

There are many benefits of a mineral pool, including healing properties for skin and muscle tissue, stress-relieving properties, it is safe for babies, pregnant women and allergy sufferers, there are no strong odours or taste, it makes the water softer for an enhanced bathing experience and the mineral water is safe for your garden.



We have taken the time to fully install the heat pump right into the Shipping Container with appropriate ventilation and connections.The only thing you need to do is open the valves, choose the temperature and enjoy the warm water

Combine the heating system with the Mineral system and you can have your own "hot spring" feel in your back yard.