Customise your Shipping Container Pool

filtration systems

-Fresh water

-Salt water

- mineral sytem 

Swim Jet

2 sizes, 6m or 12m

4 interior Finishes

Any ColorBond Exterior Colour

Heating system

LED Coloured Lights


6m & 12m Pool


The Shimmer Finish has amazing depth due to the multiple complimentary coloured "flakes" and star like gems, giving it an astronomical like shimmer.

shell color D.jpg

       DARK BLUE

shell color L.jpg

        LIGHT BLUE

shell color T.jpg


shell color G.jpg


We only use the best possible gelcoats to give you the best looking pool. The materials we use have been tested to endure Australia's sunny conditions and resist the harsh effects of any chemical corrosion. This results in a pool that will retain its colour and vibrancy.

Colours shown here are close Representations, Photos were taken in indoor lighting conditions so actual colours may differ.



We have taken the time to fully install the heat pump right into the Shipping Container with appropriate ventilation and connections.

The only thing you need to do is open the valves, choose the temperature and enjoy the warm water

Combine the heating system with the Mineral system and you can have your own "hot spring" feel in your back yard.


There are many benefits of a mineral pool, including healing properties for skin and muscle tissue, stress-relieving properties, it is safe for babies, pregnant women and allergy sufferers, there are no strong odours or taste, it makes the water softer for an enhanced bathing experience and the mineral water is safe for your garden.

ready to jump in?